Sports & Nutrition

Having a nutritious focus on your diet has great benefits for not only your health, but also your performance.
If you exercise more often and for longer periods of time, you may also need to modify your eating habits to accommodate to your body’s new needs.
You get the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, that provide you with the energy for muscle recovery, from your diet.
Together, you and I will construct a nutrition plan that is adapted to your personal lifestyle, goals, and training schedule.
We will start by making small dietary adjustments that are easy to adapt to and I will provide advice and recipes to support your new lifestyle.
I don’t work with fad diets or weight loss supplements, but I will teach you to find the right balance that fits you personally.

Sports and nutrition coach Vanessa

A few years ago, I started changing my lifestyle and slowly but surely I knew for certain that I wanted to bring this change to others through my profession.
In 2016, I successfully finished my first degree and opened up my own practice. After working as a nutritionist for three years, I decided to specialize in sports nutrition in 2019.
I advise, guide and motivate people who need help with sports nutrition, with weight loss, or those who have questions about a new lifestyle with a healthy diet.

I make sure you will be able to eat everything, cooking healthier meals that remain as delicious as always.

How can I help you?

During our introductory meeting, we will shortly discuss your wishes and needs.
This initial consultation is completely free of charge.

Personal guidance ensures that the advice is always tailored to your sport and performance needs.

Together, we will adjust your diet so that you get all your benefits from your daily nutritions.

Do you excercise more intensively? Then your timing (eating before, during, and after excercise) is just as important as what you eat, think about sports-specific nutrition and/or supplements for example.


I do work with fixed rates per consultation, 30 minutes is € 20,-